O celestial choir, the light of redemption

Hymnaria was created in June 2007 as a small fan site for Tear, as I loved her playstyle and character in the game. I was approved for the fanlisting shortly after, and the site was open for about 2 years before I adopted the fanlisting out and took the content down. I focused my energy on opening a new site for Natalia in 2010 and hoped that I would circle back to Hymnaria afterward. Unfortunately, that didn't end up happening. I re-structured some of the main content pages in late 2014 and then got busy with graduate school. Finally, in May 2020, I re-applied for the fanlisting and decided to open the site, albeit not finished. Tear has been an important character to me over the years and is still one of my favorites in the franchise. I hope to start a new 3DS playthrough of Tales of the Abyss in the future to finish—so for now, the site is a work in progress.

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